Monday, October 20, 2008


There is a psychological concept known as groupthink, where members of a group discussing a topic gravitate towards a consensus based on a desire to minimize conflict rather than rationally discussing the subject. The play and film 12 Angry Men is a famous view of groupthink in action. A jury must decide whether a man is guilty or innocent, and the general group consensus is that he is guilty. But one juror refuses to ignore his intuition, even though it differs from the other jurors. The drama of the film is primarily based on how the other 11 jurors come to change their minds and eventually find the man innocent. Groupthink is a dangerous phenomenon because it can cause rational people to make irrational choices purely because it is the most common choice made by other group members. Just because a decision is right for everyone else in the group doesn't mean it's right for you.

Surprisingly, groupthink can be a problem in video game AI as well. This seems counterintuitive, as a bot must be programmed to follow logical rules. How can following logical rules produce illogical results? The issue is one of scope. In a teamplay game variant like capture the flag, each bot might be doing the best thing without knowing what the other players are doing, but not coordinating as a team. Suppose one bot does some logical deductions and concludes the optimal strategy is for him to guard the flag. Since all other bots have roughly the same understanding of the game state, some poorly designed AI code could cause all of them to defend the flag. It's optimal for more than zero players to defend, but having no players attack is clearly the wrong choice.

So bots that don't take into account the overall strategy of the team are likely to fall into a groupthink scenario. This results in a poor strategic choice even if each individual choice is "optimal" when consider without knowledge of the other choices. The solution is for bots to make teamplay decisions as, well, a team. Each bot's decision needs to take into account the likely decisions of other players, bots and humans alike.

The good news is that if bots are good at general combat tactics, the amount of additional logic to handle a teamplay scenario is minimal. It's not like players have better or worse aim when they're fighting in a team, or suddenly some weapons are sigificantly worse when you're playing capture the flag. None of that has to be rewritten to handle play in a group. Teamplay logic is just a question of priorities: when an enemy player has your flag, it's a lot more important to kill that player than any other opponent, and guarding your own base is a lot less important than attacking theirs. And in almost all situations, the choice is between defending and attacking. How the bot attacks and defends doesn't really change.

So BrainWorks can get away with some extremely simple logic to handle team games and still produces reasonable results. One bot becomes the defacto leader for choosing the strategy the bots will take-- exactly how offensive or defensive it is. Some number of players are slotted for defense and the rest for offense, but never 0% in either category. Then the bots are sorted based on how close they are to the two bases. If there are 5 bots on a team and the leader decides on a 2-3 split of defense to offense, then the two bots closest to the home base are assigned with "defense" and the three bots furthest from home are the "offense". Any human players in the game have no assignments, obviously.

It's worth noting that "offense" and "defense" depend on the context of the game. In capture the flag, for example, the defenders guard your team's flag when it's in the base, but they also track down the enemy flag carrier when it's been taken. Attackers try to take the opposing flag, but once someone has the other flag, the attackers need to escort their flag carrier. Once the concept of whether to defend is separated from how to defend, the actual algorithm to defeat groupthink is simple.

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